Aug 23, 2021

Let’s Pull the Child Tax Credit from the Ashes of the Social Infrastructure Bill

A permanent child tax credit should appeal to Democrats and Republicans alike. Here’s why. With surprising bipartisan support, the Senate recently approved a $1trillion infrastructure bill […]
Dec 21, 2020

Respond – Recover – Reframe

On the cusp of our nation swearing in a new president, I have found myself reading books on polarization and the rebuilding of trust from a […]
Mar 20, 2020

We Must Replace Job with Basic Income as Our Sector’s Primary Measure

Crises reveal vulnerabilities in societies more than anything else. The outbreak of COVID-19 is already uncovering just how wrongheaded the United States has been about what […]
Mar 9, 2020

Outcomes, Indicators, and Targets, Oh My!

In 2002, 30 percent of fourth-grade students in the United States were reading at or above proficiency levels. Seventeen years later, in 2019, that number had […]
Feb 17, 2020

A Confederacy of Dysfunctions

A system rife with dysfunctions that prevent us from making the kind of population-level change and reduction in disparities we desperately want to achieve ...
Jan 20, 2020

Ok, Boomer!

In my blog post that closed out 2019, I revisited the question I posed in March when I first launched this Finding Common Purpose blog: To what end? The question is so central, so important, that it cannot be asked too much. I'm starting out my 2020 posts by posing it again...
Dec 23, 2019

School is the Means: A Good Paying Job Should Be the End

To what end? That’s the question I posed back in March when I launched the blog Finding Common Purpose. Its a question I continue to pose […]