Common Purpose Projects

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About Us

In the United States, securing a stable, comfortable life for individuals & families requires having one�s basic needs met and achieving key milestones from one stage of life to another: from a healthy birth, to a quality education, a well-paying job, to healthy and secure aging.

Our Common Purpose is for more individuals and families to have their basic needs met and achieve key milestones with a focus on reducing disparities.

Our Vision

If we are able to build and support a coalition of hundreds of initiatives advancing any part of a lifelong success framework, more people will be born healthy, receive a quality education, secure a well paying job, and age healthy and secure. The question we will continue to answer is �are resources and activities making a difference for people to be successful from one stage of life to the next?�”

Problem Statement

At present, most foundations, nonprofits and government agencies approach problems in a siloed way and look for their silver bullets. While more holistic approaches are starting across the country, they too are siloed. A Lifelong Success Approach can provide the country a useful scaffolding to ensure that community members have the support they need to help more individuals and families achieve milestones with a focus on eliminating disparities.