Taking the Protests to the Office

Andrew Wolk
Jun 29, 2020

The brutal killing of George Floyd shed a searing light on the dangers and indignities that many people of color, especially Black people, face every single day on the streets, and in every facet of American life. David Delmar Sentes of Resilient Coders has been working for years to dismantle one particularly insidious racial injustice the systemic bias preventing so many low-income people of color from accessing the kinds of high-growth careers that can change lives and entire communities. In this frank conversation with Andrew Wolk, David challenges anti-racism allies to stop tweeting #BlackLivesMatter and start hiring Black people in good-paying jobs.

Resources: Learn more about David’s conversations with Andrew exploring how Whiteness opens doors to opportunity and how classism and racism keep many workers of color out of tech jobs at the Finding Common Purpose blog. Then, read Andrew’s most recent post about White allyship. And don’t miss this NYT opinion piece on the actual wage gap between White and Black workers.