Oct 21, 2019

Whiteness Opens Doors

When David Delmar Senties faces hurdles to get more companies on board as employers of Resilient Coders graduates, his whiteness allows him to jump over them. I ended my last blog post with a promise to tell you the details. David, who founded Boston-based Resilient Coders to train people of color for high-growth careers as software engineers and then connect them with jobs, describes himself as a little bit of an odd
Oct 7, 2019

Do Classism and Racism Keep People from Being Hired?

I've been thinking a lot about the handoff problem between different points along the pathway to lifelong success, and in my most recent posts, I've focused on the transition from high school to some kind of post-secondary education or training that results in a good-paying job. To help ensure the success of a young person on the pathway, those three components of the pathway high school, further schooling or training, and